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About DetechBio

Technology Development Supporting Joint Stock Company DETECH

Established in 1991, DETECH is affiliated with the renown Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology with the duty to innovate new technology to apply in business and production.

As soon as we were established, DETECH has realized that technology innovation is the shortest way to approach and apply advanced technology achievements to serve the industrialization in Vietnam. DETECH has partnered with many reputable agencies, companies in and out of the country to learn the newest technology, to create the best products and services.

Major Business:

+ Intellectual Property Services

+ Environmental Project

+ Motorcycles

+ Supplemental Food

+ Education Services

+ Real-estate and Food Services

Oriental Biomedical Center – DETECHBio

World’s scientist had predicted that: the ideal food for the human race in XXI century will be supplemental food. Active elements that supplemental food brings is a valuable medicine, helps human prevent and cure diseases, including precarious disease. In Vietnam, this is a potential field, because of plentiful natural resources with diverse animals and plants’ genes along with a long history in practicing oriental herbal medicine.

Being aware of it, and wishing to contribute in the work to advance public health with organic products, extract from products originated from nature, DETECH has researched, and established Oriental Biomedical Center (DETECHBio) in 2006. DETECHBio specializes in producing and selling supplemental food, cosmetics and medication.

Based on research articles from scientists all over the world, DETECHBio center has partnered with agencies and scientist affiliated with Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology to produce supplemental food from grape seed extract, nanocurcumin, colostrum,… with great results, to help prevent and aid fighting chronic disease: high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer as well as strengthening health and developing brain for children.

Currently, DETECHBio is cooperating with the top science agencies like: Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, National Institute of Medicinal Materials to produce more supplements that helps elevating

Advisors Board:

  1. Le Dinh Phai

– Pharmacist at Hanoi University of Pharmacy

– Prf. Dr. of Science at University of Jena (Germany)

  1. Pham Gia Dien

– Associate Professor, Dr. at School of Chemistry, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology.

Management Board:

  1. Dao Van Tam

– Master of Chemistry – La Habana University, Cuba

– Doctor of Organic Chemistry – École Polytechnique Paris

– CEO and chairman of Technology Development Supporting Joint Stock Company DETECH

  1. Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao

– Bachelor of Education – Hanoi National University of Education

– Former lecturer at Academy of Finance

– Executive Vice President of Technology Development Supporting Joint Stock Company DETECH

– Director of Oriental Biomedical Center