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How to buy

Ordering process at the website

Step 1 – Order:

– Choose the products you desired (you should read carefully the detailed information about each product or contact us directly by messaging through blue online supporting chat box on the bottom right corner of the screen or call our hotline numbers so you can get the best advice about our products).

– After picking out what you wanted, click “order” to move on to the second step.

Step 2 – Place the order:

– Here, our system will verify the order information. You start by putting in the required corresponding information so the order can be processed include:

Name: required field.

Contact numbers: required field.

Email, shipping address and order content: please put in the information within.

Afterwards, click order to move on to the third step below.

Step 3 – Confirm success order

– Our system confirmed that you have successfully placed an order.

– An email will be sent to your email address to confirm you have successfully placed an order. (in case you put in email information).

– We will contact you immediately when we receive the information.

Note: You can cancel an order in 24 hours by calling 0243 7855 746